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Early favorites challenged in Week 3, New faves enter spotlight with wins

With only nine draws on each team’s schedule and less than a handful of Playoffs spots available, every result seemingly has long-lasting implications. And while some mountains may look too high to climb already, some teams found out Thursday that a single win (even a tie) can go a long way toward keeping those postseason hopes alive and well.

Here is a recap of Week 3 in the Anthracite Curling Club 2010 Summer League: Continue reading

Week 3 features division leads up for grabs

Here is a breakdown of Week 3 draws in Anthracite Curling Club’s 2010 Summer League.

The lead is up for grabs in the Buckwheat Division this week as the cats (make that Squirrels) are away. With the first-place Squirrels burrowed away in Schuylkill County for the week, each other team has the chance to take at least a share of the division lead in three different inter-conference games. It won’t be easy, however. Continue reading

Youth Served in Week Two

Two teams are ruing: “We would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling teen-agers!”

Team Whippersnappers won in consecutive weeks to start Anthracite Curling Club’s 2010 Summer League, and the performance on May 20 was enough to raise more than a few eyebrows. Whippersnappers topped Goody’s, 11-1, and improved to 2-0 in the early season.

Combined with last week’s win over Schoolhouse Rocks, Whippersnappers has out-scored its opponents 19-6 and is the only 2-0 team in the league. The team also leads the Steamboat Division standings. Continue reading

It’s On! League play commences as divisional matchups highlight first night

Despite the ice producing some unexpected twists and turns – blame the new Zamboni over the novice curling – Anthracite Curling Club’s first night of draws in its 2010 Summer League started Thursday, May 13.

Yes, the new Zamboni housed in the Ice Rink at Coal Street Park did etch itself into the ice a little too much this night, and it may have affected many shots, but 12 teams endured and officially got league play started. Intra-divisional matchups highlighted the night and lines in the proverbial sand were drawn. Continue reading

Club unveils divisional alignment, schedule for upcoming Summer League

Anthracite Curling Club has announced the opening of its Summer 2010 league, with 16 teams vying for just four playoff spots in a nine-draw regular season.

The regular season will be conducted over the next three months. There are 16 teams in four divisions and two conferences. Division names are derived from sizes of coal nuggets (Buckwheat, Chestnut, Stove and Steamboat), and the conferences are named in honor of anthracite pioneers, Jesse Fell and Abijah Smith. Continue reading