Club unveils divisional alignment, schedule for upcoming Summer League

Anthracite Curling Club has announced the opening of its Summer 2010 league, with 16 teams vying for just four playoff spots in a nine-draw regular season.

The regular season will be conducted over the next three months. There are 16 teams in four divisions and two conferences. Division names are derived from sizes of coal nuggets (Buckwheat, Chestnut, Stove and Steamboat), and the conferences are named in honor of anthracite pioneers, Jesse Fell and Abijah Smith.

Division champions will face each other in the Conference championships of the first round of playoffs, and those winners will meet to determine the league champion in August.

Anthracite Curling Club
Summer 2010 League
Conference and Division Alignment

Jesse Fell Conference
Buckwheat Division

Schuylkill Blind Squirrels
Stone Cold

Chestnut Division
C & Ds
Cracked Ice
Boss Hog-Line

Abijah Smith Conference
Stove Division
Team IX

Steamboat Division
Schoolhouse Rocks!
Work Study

The league will take a one-week hiatus on June 8 for an organizational meeting.

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