One more team is in Playoffs, one more spot to be filled

WILKES-BARRE – The Aug. 24 dance card is nearly full.

Lyons became the third team to clinch a divisional championship and a spot in the 2010 Summer League Playoffs. It defeated MLC, 5-3, and combined with a Goody’s loss to JEMM, clinched the Stove Division. Lyons will face Fifteen in the Smith Conference Finals at 6 p.m. on Aug. 24.

Fifteen (Steamboat Division champs) and C&Ds (Chestnut) each clinched a spot in the post-season last week, leaving just the Buckwheat Division to be decided between two teams, Stone Cold and Blind Squirrels.

On Tuesday, Team RAMROD was eliminated from that division race when it was defeated by WINOs, 7-2. WINOs has finished the season as one of the league’s hottest teams, and remains tied with Boss Hog-Line in the ultra-competitive Chestnut Division.

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