Three draws, all decided in final end at latest round of Summerspiel

All three draws at last night’s Summerspiel session were decided in the final end and the three winning sides were able to create a little distance for themselves in the tournament standings.

On Sheet 2, Stacey feat. The Ice Techs was able to continue the winning ways that extend back to the league season, eliminating a five-point deficit and holding a Substitute-laden Cracked Ice squad to just one point in the final end for a 7-6 victory.

The renegade Cracked Ice team jumped to an early 5-0 lead after two ends but the defending league champions were not ready to put the stones back in the cooler just yet.

On Sheet 1, Squirrels were able to steal five points in the 6th end for a 10-5 win over Platoon, which jumped to a quick start stealing four points of their own in the 1st end. Squirrels used the next two ends to dig from that hole.

The teams exchanged points on a tricky sheet until Squirrels were able to hid a bunch of rocks behind some cover in the 6th.

Sheet 3 also saw its share of dramatics. Substitute Kurt Maas nailed a multiple-stone takeout in the 8th end and Happy Hour was able to score four points in the frame for an 8-6 win over Bitter End.

Bitter End was up 6-4 going into that final end and sitting on a few points until Maas’ shot cleared the house of opponent rocks, leaving plenty of scoring potential for his team, which needed a big end to win.

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