Cracked Ice, Team Piatt get into Win column at ACC Summerspiel

Can you name the shade of red on the handles of our new stones? It’s obviously just not red. Like red red. It’s like crimson, but not really crimson.

Here are results from the latest round of Summerspiel on Tues., Aug. 16.

Cracked Ice defeated Bitter End on Sheet 1 to earn its first victory of Summerspiel. Bitter End is still looking for its first win of the tournament.

At center ice, Platoon also earned its first win by dispatching previously-unbeaten Team Binghamton, 9-7. In one of the more bizarre scorelines, the teams exchanged three points per end until the 6th when Binghamton could only get a single point and fall short

On Sheet 3, Squirrels also suffered its first defeat of Summerspiel, losing to Team Piatt, 9-5. Piatt’s team got out to a 4-0 lead after two ends and never gave Squirrels a chance to get back into the match, earning its first win of the short season.

There are just two nights of draws remaining in the regular Summerspiel season. On Tuesday, the club will have four draws on the ice at the same time in club history.

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