2012 Anthracite Curling Club Championship Standings

Standings for the 2012 Anthracite Curling Club  Championship through May 30, 2012 (7 of 7 rounds completed), sorted by tie-breaker.

Place W L GB Streak SoV
* x Kerrick 5 2 L1 15
* x Perrino 5 2 W2 15
* x Karampilas 5 2 W5 15
4 x Sophy 4 3 1 W1 9
5** Cawley 3 4 2 W1 6
6** Lyons 3 4 2 L1 8
7** Keeler 3 4 2 L1 10
8 Baessler 0 7 5 L7 0

x – clinched Playoffs berth
y – clinched Top 2 berth

Top 4 advance to Playoffs. Top 2 advance to Championship play-in game. SoV – strength of victory (total wins of teams defeated).

* Karampilas, Kerrick, and Perrino tied through all tie-breaker methods. Draw to be held Sat., June 9, prior to start of Playoffs 1st round.

** Cawley (2-0) finishes 5th, Lyons (1-1) 6th, and Keeler (0-2) 7th via common head-to-head tie-breaker.


Game tie-breakers are decided on a draw to the button (Skips through Leads) until a winner is determined. Only shots reaching the House qualify. Stones may be swept offensively and defensively.

Standings tie-breakers are based on the amount of teams tied with similar Win-Loss records.
* If 2 teams are tied with the same W-L record, head-to-head result breaks the tie.
* If more than 2 teams have the same W-L record, only a sweep of the games or being swept in games between tied opponents can advance/eliminate a team. If teams are still tied, Strength of Victory will break it. (ex. If three teams finish with 4-3 records, the head-to-head record against the tied teams will break the tie. Only a 2-0 record win tie-break or an 0-2 record eliminates can break a 3-or-more team tie. If all teams were 1-1 among the three tied, S0V is used.)
If that can’t break the tie, a draw to the button will.

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