Week 7 Playoffs scenarios

Tonight is the final night of the 2012 Club Championship regular season and much remains undecided.

Four teams are playing for two spots and one of tonight’s draws has a Playoff spot potentially on the line. None of the top four positions are set, either, meaning a spot in the coveted 1-2 Playoff game next week is still available to most teams.

Here are the sheet assignments for Week 7:
(1) Sophy vs. Keeler
(2) Lyons vs. Cawley
(3) Perrino vs. Baessler
(4) Kerrick vs. Karampilas

Playoff scenarios available after the Jump …

And here are the precious (and simplified) Playoffs scenarios for each team (Note: There is a more complicated version available.). Remember, teams finishing 5th through 8th will play in a 3-week B League, with the winner advancing to the A league the week following the conclusion of the Club Championship Playoffs.

We will continue rotating teams through the rest of the summer at three-week intervals. (More details on that coming in the next few weeks).

PLAYOFFS SCENARIOS (in alphabetical order)

> Eliminated from playoffs

> Eliminated from playoffs

> Clinches playoff berth with Win OR Sophy win OR Cawley win
> Clinches top 2 with Win + Baessler win OR Win + Sophy win + Lyons win OR Win + Keeler win + Cawley win

> Clinches playoff berth with Win + Kerrick win OR Win + Cawley win

> Clinched playoff berth
> Clinches top 2 with Win OR Baessler win OR Sophy win + Lyons win

> Clinches playoff berth with Win + Keeler win
> Clinches top 2 with Win + Keeler win + Baessler win + Kerrick win

> Clinched playoff berth
> Clinches top 2 with Win + Kerrick win OR Win + Keeler win + Cawley win OR Sophy win + Kerrick win OR Keeler win + Cawley win + Kerrick win

> Clinches playoff berth with Win

Here are the winning combinations which will require a Draw-to-the-Button to determine seeding: Keeler, Lyons, Perrino, and Karampilas OR Sophy, Cawley, Perrino, and Karampilas.

If either occurs, Perrino, Karampilas, and Kerrick will have a three-way Draw-to-the-Button. The team farthest from the Button will finish 3rd. Head-to-head result between the two remaining teams will determine 1 and 2 seeds, but they’ll play next week in the 1-2 Playoff.

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