Week 4 : Walrus & Mermaids continue unbeaten run, clinch spot in postseason

Walrus & Mermaids jumped out to a big early lead and was able to sustain any thoughts Happy Hour had at a comeback on Tuesday night to clinch the first spot in the Spring League playoffs. 

With the 9-4 win, Walrus & Mermaids takes sole control of the Barre Division and remains unbeaten, boosting the record to 4-0. Happy Hour still controls its own destiny toward clinching the other postseason berth in the Barre Division and these two teams meet again on May 7.

Falcons face Happy Hour on Tuesday in a game they’ll need to get right back into some serious playoff talks.

While the playoff picture in the Barre Division is somewhat clear, Tuesday’s draw results muddied the image in the Wilkes Division. Goodies opened its account in the Win column at just the right time, defeating division leaders Demented Magenta, 12-4. After a rough start, Goodies is just one game out of the division lead in the win column.

In the other result in that division, Buffalo Bills defeated Falcons, 12-5, by scoring the last seven points in the game. The Bills fall into a tie for the Wilkes Division lead. Demented Magenta beat the Bills in their first match and they meet again on May 7. Goodies faces the Bills in a divisional match on April 30.

The picture is so chaotic in the Wilkes Division that if draws finish one way, all three teams could be tied at 2-3 or the Bills could clinch a playoff berth.

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