Demented Magenta makes another Final, Squirrels advance to Semifinal

clublogonobkgDemented Magenta has advanced to its fourth consecutive League Championship match.

Since becoming a Skip, Brandon Jackson has kept a consistent group of players together and playing his style en route to great success at Anthracite Curling.

Last week, his team overcame an early deficit to defeat Happy Hour in the 1-2 game of the 2013 Summer League Page Playoffs. After giving up a pair of points in the 3rd end last week, Demented Magenta took 4 points with the Hammer in the 4th, and stole a pair of points in the 5th and 6th ends each for a 9-3 win.

The win advances Demented Magenta to its fourth straight League Championship (2012 Fall, 2013 Winter, 2013 Spring). They’ve won all three.

They’ll have to wait another week to find out who they’ll be playing for that fourth title.

Squirrels defeated Goodies, 12-3, in the first round of the Page Playoffs in the 3-4 game. The win advances them to the Semifinal draw versus Happy Hour. The winner of the Semifinal will advance to the Summer League Championship game.

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