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Jackson, Cawley take early Chestnut League lead

Teams Jackson and Cawley earned wins Tuesday as the Chestnut League began its final rotation before the Summer League championship. Continue reading

Summer League continues; time to make a move

Tonight begins the second-to-last session of the Summer curling season at the Club. There are just six more Club nights left until our Fall schedule begins and this next round of the competition will determine who qualifies for the Stove and Chestnut Summer League championships, to be decided on Aug. 21.

Wherever your team finishes at the end of these next three weeks, concluding on July 31, will determine what League Championship you will compete for in August.

The Sheet assignments for July 17 are as follows:

1: Chestnut: Keeler vs. Jackson
2: Stove: Kerrick vs. Karampilas
3: Stove: Sophy vs. Perrino
4: Chestnut: Cawley vs. Baessler