Stacey feat. The Ice Techs

Team Lyons competes in the Smith Conference in the Spring 2011 season.

Roster: Matt Lyons (Skip), Brandon Jackson, Stacey Berkoski, Tom McGreevy.

Team Record: 5-4 (4th, Smith Conf.)


Date vs. Result Record
3/29 Goody’s 14-1 1-0
4/5 Piatt L 1-8 1-1
4/15 Cawley W 5-3 2-1
4/19 Squirrels L 3-7 2-2
4/26 LLUA L 6-8 2-3
5/3 Cracked Ice L 6-7 2-4
5/10 MLC W 5-4 3-4
5/17 Maasome W 6-4 4-4
5/24 Bitter End W 6-5 5-4
5/31 Happy Hour 6p
6/17 Grassi 930p

2 responses to “Stacey feat. The Ice Techs

  1. Sean Carrigan

    Nice win last night Lyons! Matt must have worn his big girl panties. Just joking Matt. Congratulations!

  2. Sean Carrigan

    Damn, am I the only curling fan/geek willing to post smak talk? Ok then. Ahem…Go Matt… Go Matt… Go Matt… C’mon people!

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