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Better Curling: The Art of Calling Line

By John Mielke, USCA Level III Instructor/Coach

This article appears  in the May edition of the U.S. Curling Association’s magazine, Curling News. Anthracite Curling Club and its members are members of the USCA.

Calling and judging line are some of the toughest jobs for many skips, especially those who are new to being in the house. This article will hopefully help these skips decide where to put the broom, when to call for sweeping, and what to watch for when the “Plan A” shot isn’t going to happen. Continue reading

Better Curling: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

For those looking to gain an edge in their game via the Bigger-Faster-Stronger=Wins theory, check out this new Twitter feed designed to give curlers sport-specific fitness advice: @fit_nut_curl. The handle just started at the beginning of the month so now is the perfect time to inundate the handle owner with questions and know you’ll get a response.


Better Curling: Game tips from one of Canada’s best

Kevin Martin, the orange horseshoe-pattern haired Skip, has been atop Canada’s and the world’s curling rankings. He’s won Olympic Gold.

He’s also putting his name on an App currently available for sale in the Play store that offers video and written tips to help improve your game.

“There will certainly be a few of the segments that spark your interest and some that can help with your game on the ice or your fitness off the ice.”

A weekly tip from Kevin Martin is delivered right to your device.

Of course, there are plenty of videos of the curling variety available on the Web, even a few that can help improve your game. We’ll share a few in the coming weeks as we find them.


Better Curling: Sweep study

We’re sharing a post recently shared on Philadelphia Curling Club’s Facebook group page.

Canada Curling Association conducted a “Top Secret” curling science project prior to the start of the Vancouver Olympic Games, focusing the impact of sweeping techniques and strategies. From curling.ca … Continue reading