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Chestnuts Roasting: WINOs wins 4th straight; C&Ds, BHL keep winning

Let’s compare one more thing to the actual heat outside … the race for the lead in the Chestnut Division standings, and that playoff berth.

After action in Week 8 of Anthracite Curling Club’s 2010 Summer league, C&Ds still has the lead it’s held from the beginning of the season, but two teams have formally announced their presence in the race. Continue reading

Tuesday’s forecast: 96 degrees. Aren’t you glad you chose curling?

WILKES-BARRE — Division races are red-hot, and teams are fighting for their playoff lives this week as action intensifies in six 2010 Summer League draws Tuesday night.

Anthracite Curling Club’s first regular season has seen few teams separate themselves from a very even standings board. And with only nine games on the Summer League season schedule, each draw means even more as we wind to the playoffs in late August. Continue reading