MLC, Squirrels squander chances to clinch, others stay alive after Game 10

It will all come down to the final week.

By the end of the 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. sessions on Tuesday night, Game #10 in our Spring League, each of the conference leaders had a chance to punch their tickets to the Championship game on June 21.

Before the Squirrels game against Little Lebowskis ended the set of 6 p.m. draws, each of the teams trailing them had lost, meaning a win would guarantee them a spot in the finals.

On Sheet 2, Ted Karampilas’ Cracked Ice squad couldn’t miss and nothing Team Cawley tried worked. Cracked Ice jumped to an 8-0 lead early in the draw and it put Cawley’s side in bad spirits. The matched ended 9-2 in favor of Karampilas’ team.

On Sheet 3, Happy Hour was looking to keep itself in the thick of the Smith Conference race but faced a stern test from Stacey feat. The Ice Techs, who were missing the services of Skip Matt Lyons. Vice Brandon Jackson filled the role admirably and guided the team to a 7-2 victory.

The Squirrels had just taken a 4-2 lead on Little Lebowskis as those draws ended and theirs was entering the 6th end.

With the Hammer in hand, the Lebowskis were able to etch an aggressive three points in the final end to steal victory out of the Squirrels’ claws, 5-4.

The Squirrels still lead by one game in the Smith Conference and are trailed by Stacey feat. The Ice Techs, Team Cawley and Happy Hour (all by one game and each with a chance to clinch the top spot on June 17).

If that wasn’t enough, the drama was only building for the 8 p.m. draws, which featured a battle for first place between MLC and Team Piatt.

MLC had just gained sole control of first place in the Fell Conference last week and a win on Tuesday would have put the team in the finals. Skip Alison Piatt wasn’t ready to let them enjoy those spoils just yet.

Her team regained form they possessed earlier this season en route to a 9-1 victory, regaining first place in the Fell Conference, courtesy of the conference record tie-breaker.

With that result, Maasome could have forged a three-way tie with a win over Goody’s, but the upstarts were able to get back on the winning side of this tough season in a 5-4 win in 7 ends. The loss keeps Maasome a game behind in the Fell Conference, trailing Piatt and MLC.

In the night’s other draw, Bitter End erased the memories of a long losing streak in turning aside Team Grassi, Skipped by Alyssa Leonard, 6-3.

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