Championship draw set: Piatt vs. Stacey feat. Ice Techs

The Championship draw at the 2011 Funspiel is set.

Team Piatt clinched the Fell Conference on Friday night with a 7-6 victory over Maasome. They’ll be opposed by Stacey feat. Ice Techs, which won its fifth consecutive game on Friday, topping Team Leonard (nee Grassi), 7-4. That win combined with losses from three other conference foes propelled Skip Matt Lyons back into the Championship game.

Six games ago, Lyons’ team was at 2-4 and tied for last in the Smith Conference. A winning streak of five games came at just the right time.

In the other draws on Friday night, Little Lebowskis finished their season at 5-6 and also got hot at the end, defeating Happy Hour, 10-6. The Squirrels fell to another spoiler-minded team in Cracked Ice, which won its last three games of the season, including Friday night’s win over the Smith Conference’s previous first place Squirrels, 5-1. Bitter End’s 7-5 defeat of Goody’s ensured the team of a 5-6 record, meaning the difference between first and last in that table was just two games.

In the other late draw, MLC finished the season with a 7-4 record after defeating Team Cawley, 10-2. Both MLC and the Squirrels lost the Conference Record tie-breaker to finish in second place.

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