Historic day for Anthracite Curling as stones arrive from Canada

The stones have arrived! Joining Harry the truck driver (the one who dressed for the occassion) are Anthracite members (l-r) John Jagozinski, Brandon Jackson, Matt Lyons, Stacey Berkoski and Dave Cawley. (Photo by Alison Piatt)

Thursday may have been one of the biggest days in the recent history of Anthracite Curling Club. The club is now in possession of its very own stones!

Until that night, we had been using leased stones from our governing body, Grand National Curling Club, but thanks to a gracious loan and an available three sets of competitive rocks, Anthracite Curling Club was able to secure its very own set of stones.

A group of members were at The Ice Rink at Coal Street on Thursday to unload the precious and heavy cargo, 48 stones at more than 42 pounds each. The stones were purchased from Brooks Curling Club in Alberta, Canada, and made their way across the border and finally to Wilkes-Barre.

At Anthracite, the stones will replace the goose neck-handled stones we had been using. The club will continue to use the other set of stones with the plastic handles while the others are headed to another club. The acquisition allows Anthracite Curling to host four draws per two-hour session at The Ice Rink.

Unfortunately, the stones were shipped without handles but thankfully Anthracite Curling had some dedicated members willing to hang out at the rink on Thursday to connect the handles and place them in the cooler so they’re ready for Tuesday’s next round of Summerspiel.

Joining Club President Alison Piatt, who along with the support of the club’s board directed the purchase of the stones from Brooks Curling, at The Ice Rink on Thursday were Matt Lyons, Dave Cawley, John Jagozinski, Brandon Jackson and Stacey Berkoski.

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