Anthracite to face Plainfield in club’s first “Friendly”

Three Anthracite Curling teams will represent the club at its first official “Friendly” match this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. against Plainfield (N.J.) Curling Club.

Here are the three teams representing the club this weekend …

Lyle Kerrick (Skip), Thom Kivler, Erica Snarski, Monica Lynn;
Joshua Sophy (Skip), Kimm Montone, Dan Pearson, Dave Cawley;
and Matt Lyons (Skip), Brandon Jackson, John Jagozinski, Stacey Berkoski.

Each team will play two games Sunday, playing a team from host Plainfield in each. Throughout the day, each team will sit out one of the three draw times. Draws will be held at 1:30 p.m., 3:15 p.m., and 5 p.m. Each game will be 6 ends.

The winning club will be decided by a point system based on the results of the draws. Each team scores 1 point for the club for each point it scores, win or lose. The club gets an additional 3 points winning an end. The winner of each draw earns its club 10 more points.

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