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Let’s Rock!

Membership fees include dues to the Anthracite Curling Club, USCA , GNCC, insurance coverage and the lease/purchase of club equipment.

You must become a Member at Anthracite Curling Club to participate in most of our annual activities, especially playing the game.

In 2011, the Club completed a transaction which brought three sets of stones to Wilkes-Barre, a feat which could not have been accomplished without the help of our Members.

In 2012, Anthracite Curling Club hosted its first-everĀ bonspiel (a curling-specific word for ‘tournament’). Teams from the eastern U.S. and even a Canadian team competed.

Full payment for the selected season is due at the time of membership. If the full payment cannot be made, arrangements can be made with the Club Treasurer.

2014-15 Annual Club Membership Fee: $125

NEW FEATURE! Pay by credit/debit through our Square Market store.

2014-15 Membership Dues from Anthracite Curling Club on Square Market

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