Carve yourself into our history and our future

Last year, the Club purchased three very expensive sets of curling stones from another Club in Canada. It’s now time to make them a permanent fixture to our Club by attaching a new handle to them.

We’re offering a chance for you to become a permanent part of Anthracite Curling Club history by engraving your name, your family’s name, or your business name on one of the 48 handles.

With your donation to our Club, you’ll be providing us with a brand new handle for our stones, which we expect to get many more years of competitive play from. More importantly, your donations helps us offset the tremendous cost of the stones to our Club.

Your new handle will adorn that stone for the life of it. The engraving of your choice will appear on one side of the stone handle, opposite the Club’s name.
When your stone is finally put into play, we’ll send you a certificate and small photo of your new stone handle in action to show our appreciation.

Click here to open the Stone Handle Engraving form (.pdf)