Week 3 features division leads up for grabs

Here is a breakdown of Week 3 draws in Anthracite Curling Club’s 2010 Summer League.

The lead is up for grabs in the Buckwheat Division this week as the cats (make that Squirrels) are away. With the first-place Squirrels burrowed away in Schuylkill County for the week, each other team has the chance to take at least a share of the division lead in three different inter-conference games. It won’t be easy, however.

At 6 p.m., Team RAMROD (1-1) faces undefeated Whippersnappers (2-0). RAMROD won last week, defeating MLC, 6-2, in a division match-up. A win gives RAMROD at least a share of the division lead. The Whippersnappers are the league’s top team with two wins in two draws. Last week’s 11-1 win over Goody’s should have sent a clear message to the league and this week they’ll attempt to prove their start is no fluke.

Team IV (0-1-1), skipped by John Flyte, looks to improve upon last week’s tie with the division-leading Squirrels in a 6 p.m. draw with Goody’s (0-1-1) in another inter-conference battle. MLC (1-1) faces Team XV (1-0) during the 8 p.m. draws. A win also guarantees MLC at least a share of the Buckwheat Division lead. They’ll be looking to avenge last week’s loss to RAMROD and give Team XV its first loss of the season.

In the Stove Division, Lyons (1-0-1) can set itself apart from the competition with another win. They’ll face Team IX (0-1) at 8 p.m. With JEMM (1-1) off for the week and Goody’s engaged in the aforementioned inter-conference battle, Lyons could stay at least a win ahead of everyone else in the division.

The Steamboat Division features several teams entering their second match in League play this week. Team XVI (0-1) will be looking to erase the memories of last week’s 12-0 loss to Boss Hog-Line, but will be facing Schoolhouse Rocks (0-2), which has lost its two draws in the final end. Team XV faces MLC in an inter-conference game.

Slow-Rolling Chestnuts
WINOs will make its League debut this week when it faces Cs+Ds during the 6 p.m. draws. Cs+Ds looks to become only the second team in the league to reach a 2-0 record, but with a win WINOs could jumble the picture in the barely-played Chestnut Division. At the end of third week, Cs+Ds (1-0) will be the only team with two games played.

The following teams have a Bye week: Blind Squirrels (1-0-1), Cracked Ice (0-1), Boss Hog-Line (1-0), JEMM (1-1).

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