Tuesday’s forecast: 96 degrees. Aren’t you glad you chose curling?

WILKES-BARRE — Division races are red-hot, and teams are fighting for their playoff lives this week as action intensifies in six 2010 Summer League draws Tuesday night.

Anthracite Curling Club’s first regular season has seen few teams separate themselves from a very even standings board. And with only nine games on the Summer League season schedule, each draw means even more as we wind to the playoffs in late August.

This week has playoff implications all over the ice. It’s BLAZING HOT outside, so even if you have a Bye week, or you’re just a spectator, remember it’s about 42 degrees at the ice rink. Here are previews of the six draws in Week 8 action:

JEMM (2-3) vs. Whippersnappers (3-1-1) | Sheet 1, 6 p.m.

Whippersnappers finds itself out of first place for the first time all season, and is the only team to fall from that perch in the league so far. The team has a chance to reclaim that spot with a return to winning ways and an idle Fifteen squad.

JEMM erased a bad streak with a late victory last week over Schoolhouse Rocks! A win this week could mean a longer stay in the Stove Division race.

Team RAMROD (2-2-1) vs. Boss Hog-Line (2-2) | Sheet 2, 6 p.m.

RAMROD comes off a Bye week with the mission of keeping pace in the Buckwheat Division race. While it was off last week, the two teams it was tied with for first each won. Two weeks ago, it lost a tough draw to C&Ds.

Boss Hog-Line could throw its collective hat into the Chestnut Division race with a second win in a row, after disposing of MLC last week. This draw will mark the half-way point in the season for Boss Hog-Line. In its two wins, the team has scored 25 points. In two losses, BHL has scored 4 combined points.

Goody’s (2-2-1) vs. Work Study (2-3) | Sheet 3, 6 p.m.

Goody’s returns to the ice after a long lay-off and a win could put the team in the thick of a Stove Division race. The team has won two straight after losing two in a row, but the wins have come nearly a month apart.

Work Study needs a win to stay alive as a third party in the Steamboat Division race. It lost a 6-5 decision to Blarney last week. It trails Fifteen and Whippersnappers as it approaches its half-way point in the season.

Cracked Ice (2-3) vs. Blarney (1-4) | Sheet 1, 8 p.m.

Cracked Ice can mend its record with a win this week. Last week it had a two-game winning streak snapped, but a win and some help within the Chestnut Division could have the team just a win outside of the lead.

Blarney joined the ranks of those who’ve won last week with a take-down on Work Study. The team desperately needs a victory to have a chance at the postseason.

Blind Squirrels (3-2-1) vs. C&Ds (4-1) | Sheet 2, 8 p.m.

The Squirrels need to keep the pace they’ve set all season in the Buckwheat Division. Last week, division rival Stone Cold took down this week’s opponent for the first time. Breaking a disturbing trend, the Squirrels jumped out to a 4-0 lead last week. In two losses, the Squirrels found themselves in 0-4 holes.

C&Ds had been cruising this season, and was the league’s only unbeaten and untied team. It was just one end from going 5-0. Now, another loss could find the team in a dead-heat in the Chestnut Division. Last week’s 7-5 decision marked the most points the team has allowed all season.

MLC (2-3) vs. WINOs (3-2) | Sheet 3, 8 p.m.

MLC is looking to get back on-track after sustaining a 13-5 loss last week, which dropped them to fourth in the Buckwheat Division.

To do so, they’ll need to take down WINOs, which has won three consecutive draws, and with some help on Sheet 2, could be tied for first in the Chestnut Division by the end of the night.

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