League title to be decided tonight

Today marks the end of the 2010 Summer League season at Anthracite Curling Club as the top four teams battle for the first Club championship.

At 6 p.m., Stone Cold will battle C&Ds for the Fell Conference championship. In the other semifinal draw, Lyons will face Fifteen for the Smith Conference title. The winners of those draws will square-off at 8 p.m. for the Club championship.

While it’s seemed C&Ds and Lyons each were destined for tonight’s first draws since the season started – each with a loss apiece all season – the road to the Championship match may not be as assumed.

Strangely, each team must face the only team to defeat them in the 2010 Regular Season, and each team lost their only games in Week 7 action this summer.

Stone Cold took down C&Ds, 6-5, that night. And later, Fifteen would topple Lyons, 4-2, and would never look back on the Steamboat Division title. Lyons and C&Ds eventually raced to the Stove and Chestnut Division titles, respectively. Stone Cold needed a win on the last night of play to advance to tonight’s Playoffs.

Here is the schedule of tonight’s events, including the Wild Card draws for teams just on the outside of the Playoffs this season:

6pm — Sheet One — Fell Conference Championship

Stone Cold (5-3-1) vs. C&Ds (8-1)

6pm — Sheet Two — Smith Conference Championship

Lyons (7-1-1) vs. Fifteen (7-2)

8pm — Sheet One — Wild Card Exhibition

Boss Hog-Line (5-4) vs. Whippersnappers (4-4-1)

8pm — Sheet Two — ACC Title Game

Fell Champion vs. Smith Champion

8pm — Sheet Three — Wild Card Exhibition

Goody’s (4-3-2) vs. WINOs (5-4)

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