WINTER LEAGUE UPDATE: Schedule announced

Four teams will play a three-round, Round Robin tournament through the beginning of 2012 at Anthracite Curling Club.

Draws will take place from 9:45 p.m. until Midnight on the following nights: Dec. 10, Dec. 17 and Jan. 7. The following teams will be competing: Ice Techs, Cracked Ice, Squirrels and Happy Hour.

After the three-week competition, the teams will reorganize and allow more teams to join for a final four-week competition.

If there are no new teams which form in that time, a second three-week competition will be held. On the last curling session of the winter in March, the winners of each Round Robin tournament will play for the Winter championship.

A blind draw was held to determine scheduling. Here are the draws for each of the three weeks:

Dec. 10
Happy Hour (Perrino) vs. Ice Techs (Lyons)
Cracked Ice (Karampilas) vs. Squirrels (Sophy)

Dec. 17
Happy Hour vs. Cracked Ice
Squirrels vs. Ice Techs

Jan. 7
Squirrels vs. Happy Hour
Ice Techs vs. Cracked Ice

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