Club Championship: Week 4 results (kinda)

Due to a misplacement of the line scores from last week, the full results from Week 4 may be lost in the annals of history.

Here is a short recap of the draws from Week 4 …

Sophy 11, Goodies 1

Team Sophy upped its mark to 3-1 on the season, using three 3-point ends to send Goodies (Baessler) to its fourth-straight loss to start the season. Despite the difference in the score, Goodies was just inches away on several shots from making this a much closer game.

Kerrick 8, Happy Hour 2

Team Kerrick’s convincing win over previously unbeaten Happy Hour (Perrino) has forged a three-way tie atop the Club Championship standings.

Cracked Ice 5, Cawley 1

Cracked Ice (Karampilas) appears to have found its winning ways again, posting their second straight win in the Club Championship, topping the upstart Cawley side. In true Ted Karampilas fashion, numerous 1-point ends foiled and frustrated any plans the mostly new team had at victory.

Ice Techs 6*, Keeler 5

After laboring through its first two-game losing streak in more than a year, Ice Techs needed another Draw-to-the-Button to settle a tie. After losing last week’s draw tie-breaker, Skip Matt Lyons edged Russell Keeler’s draw by mere inches for the win.

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