Demented Magenta stays unbeaten, reaches Finals

After allowing a steal of three points in the 4th end Saturday night, it certainly appeared as though Demented Magenta’s hope of a perfect Winter League were quickly dashed.

As we learn almost every night we take the ice though, a game isn’t over until you hear them fire up the Zamboni. Over the next three ends, the lead would be lost, regained and lost again and Demented Magenta walked away with a 7-6 victory.

After allowing the steal, the league leaders fired back with four points in the 5th to tie the score at 5-5. House Hunters, armed with the Hammer, managed a single point in the 6th and in the decisive end, Demented Magenta tallied a deuce and came away with the win.

The victory guarantees the team a spot in the Winter League Finals on March 16. Who they’ll face became a little clearer via Bonanza’s 12-0 win over Sons of Shaddrat in the other Saturday night draw.

Bonanza is either a win or House Hunters loss next week from clinching a spot in the Finals alongside Demented Magenta. For House Hunters to reach the Finals, they’ll need to win their remaining games, have Bonanza lose both (they meet on March 2) and then win a Draw to the Button at the end of their match that night.

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