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Name badge orders being accepted

We said badges, not badgers.

Anthracite Curling Club is currently taking orders from members for name badges. These badges are great for introducing your shy shelf to the rest of the Club.

The badges come in two varieties, strawberry and chocolate. Actually, it’s magnetic back or pin back. The magnets with the pins are quite strong and easily attract through heavier curling clothing like a sweatshirt or fleece jacket.

The costs are:

Magnetic back: $13
Pin back: $10

The badges are plastic and have a curling stone graphic aside your name or nickname and the name of the Club (that’s Anthracite Curling Club). About a dozen are needed to fulfill the minimum ordering quota.

Email Club President Alison Piatt with your order, including the proper spelling of your name or nickname. She will verify the order and expected delivery date.