Winter League starts tonight

The 2013 Winter League begins tonight, the day after the failed apocalypse, and four teams are chasing down the first League championship of the New Year.

The league will be played in a double Round Robin format and the top two placed teams at the end of those six draws will face in the Winter League First Event Final on March 16. The third- and fourth-place teams will play for the Second Event.

The first week of draws features some rare match-ups between Skips; each Skip has only met the other once in the last three years. The league features two Skips with a combined 26 games at the helm and two with more than 100. Each Skip features a .500 or better record overall since 2010.

The Fall League champion House Hunters (now Skipped by Kurt Maas) will face last year’s Winter League champion Skip Matt Lyons and his new squad, Sons of Shaddrat.

In the other draw, two teams completely returning from the Fall League will face each other. This will actually be the first meeting of Skips Brandon Jackson and Joshua Sophy since they met for the 2012 Summer League championship in August. Jackson was unable to attend their Fall League match.

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