Anthracite Curling welcomes Misericordia University Curling Club

If you’ve noticed a bit of youthful exuberance on the ice in recent weeks, it is likely attributed to members of Misericordia University Curling Club.

The students took their casual interest in the sport of curling from watching the 2010 Vancouver Olympics to trying the sport on their own when our Club President Alison Piatt introduced them to the sport and invited them to a recent Saturday Night Curling event. They’ve returned ever since and now they’re organized.

After multiple lessons and a couple of falls, the students of Misericordia had a serious case of curling excitement on their hands … All because of Alison’s due diligence, the Misericordia University Curling team became official as of January 2011. The officers are President Alyssa Leonard (Freshman Occupational Therapy major), Vice President Maria Maas (Sophomore Speech-Language Pathology major), Treasurer Cassandra Foy (Freshman Speech-Language Pathology major), and Secretary Lindsay Buss (Junior Occupational Therapy major).

The MU Curling Club is on their way to great things by looking into multiple competitions, a day of teaching Junior Girl Scouts and their families about the sport of Curling and looking at adopting a highway in conjunction with Anthracite Curling Club and MU History Club.

There are more opportunities for Misericordia students and representatives of other schools in Northeast Pennsylvania to learn curling and organize for our new league season. Saturday Night Curling events are scheduled for March 5 and March 19. For more information on the MU Curling Club, please feel free to contact either of the following people:

Alison Piatt
Misericordia University
301 Lake Street, Mercy Hall 362
Dallas, Pa. 18612
Alyssa Leonard

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