Week 8 results set-up exciting final month

It was Cowboy Hat night on Tuesday. Several teams participated, including Little Lebowskis, Team Piatt and Cracked Ice.

The last month of the Spring 2011 League season promises to be filled with some good curling between teams with budding championship aspirations.

In Week 8, the league’s last undefeated team lost, another team continued a month-long winning streak and at night’s end, four teams were within two games of first place in the Fell Conference.

After the latest draws, there are just four weeks remaining in the regular season. It seems like not that long ago we just started.

A win from the Squirrels on Tuesday would have maintained a 3-game lead with just those four games to go. Dave Cawley had other plans and brought the league’s other hottest team into its Week 8 draw.

Team Cawley, winners of four consecutive draws, jumped to a 3-0 lead after the 1st end. The Squirrels responded with 2 in the 2nd but that’s as close as they could get all night, losing their first draw of the season.

Cawley’s team distanced itself from the Squirrels with 4 points in the final two ends for an 8-3 final.

As the Squirrels were falling, Happy Hour was feeling a timely winning spirit as it handed Bitter End a 13-1 defeat. The wins from Cawley and Happy Hour, combined with the Squirrels loss, brought each to within 2 games of first place in the Smith Conference with 4 to play.

During the 8 p.m. draws last Tuesday, each team tied for first place in the Fell Conference – Team Piatt, MLC and Maasome – held a spot on each Sheet with the possibility each could still be tied at night’s end.

Team Piatt, in first place since the beginning of the season, erased the memories of a 3-game losing streak and defeated Little Lebowskis, 8-7. The win allowed the team to stay in first place, but it still has company atop the Fell Conference.

MLC defeated Team Grassi, which welcomed back Skip Daniel Grassi,  7-5, in another closely-contested draw during the late-night matches. Grassi’s team is just 2 games behind the leaders in the Fell Conference and is still very-much alive in the title hunt.

Russell Keeler’s MLC team remains tied with Piatt’s side in the standings, just one conference loss behind in the tie-breaker.

In the other 8 o’clock draw, Maasome, Skipped by Kurt Maas was not able to keep the three-way tie in order, falling to Stacey featuring The Ice Techs, 6-4. Maas’ team falls a game behind the leaders in the Fell Conference.

The win is the second in a row for the Matt Lyons-Skipped team. They are now 3 games behind the Squirrels in the Smith Conference.

In the other 6 o’clock draw, Goody’s earned its second consecutive win and its second win of the season, topping Cracked Ice, 7-5 in a Fell Conference match-up.

Despite the rough starts, both teams are 3 games behind in their conference race.

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