Anthracite welcomes new members

The Club recently welcomed the following new members: Ross Ruschman, Heather Walter, Alex Wood, Jerilynn Haddow, Tyler Piede, Luke Dubin, and John Delamater.
For our longer-term member, please make these n00bs feel welcome on the ice and for the freshmen members, never hesitate to ask questions either about the game or about the Club.

2 responses to “Anthracite welcomes new members

  1. Stephanya Shear

    My husband and I used to curl with Rochester and we will be visiting W-B for a job interview next week. Is the club curling this time of the year?
    S Shear

  2. Hi. I am a feature writer for the Times-News in Lehighton and I am doing a pre-Olympic story about curling. I would love to speak with someone about your club, your members and your knowledge about this sport.

    I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a contact number as soon as possible or give me a call.


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