Teams looking to get off the schnide in Week 3

clublogonobkgTo keep the divide between the teams in the 2013 Spring League thin, teams that have yet to record their first victory will be looking to do so this weekend.

The delayed Week 3 start features a trio of draws in which a winless team could and will get their first victory.

That’s not the case on Sheet 1 where Spring League upstarts Happy Hour and Demented Magenta will determine what gives in this week’s first something’s-got-to-give match. Both teams have jumped to 2-0 starts and top each division.

On Sheet 2, Falcons will be looking for win one in a stern test as they take on unbeaten Walrus & Mermaids. Walrus & Mermaids is currently tied with Happy Hour for the Barre Division lead.

Sheet 3 features the other something’s-got-to-give match with Goodies facing Buffalo Bills. Both teams are looking to crack into the Win column this week and apply at least some pressure in the race for the Wilkes Division.

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