Special club meeting will address non-profit status

Anthracite Curling Club announces it will hold a special meeting on Saturday, Feb. 19 at 8:30 p.m. at the Ice Rink prior to ice prep and Saturday Night Curling.

The purpose of this meeting is to vote on the new set of proposed bylaws for the Club.

All members are invited to attend (and hopefully stay for curling) but only those members who were resident members during the 2010 Summer League season or paid to upgrade before the annual meeting can vote on the changes. Membership renewals do not kick in until our season starts, therefore trial members are still considered trial members.

Our bylaws must change to be compliant with both Pennsylvania and Federal 501(c)3 regulations, allowing us to be a non-profit organization. As they stand, our current bylaws make us completely ineligible to be a non-profit organization or incorporate as such. This leaves both officers and members of the board of directors liable to both the I.R.S. and individuals who may wish to file lawsuits against the club.

Becoming a 501(c)3 will also allow us to accept donations that are tax deductible as well as open up more fundraising opportunities.

As per our current bylaws, a copy of the proposed new bylaws will be postal mailed to members who have voting rights in the organization five days before the meeting so you can review them. If you are a voting resident member and wish to receive the bylaws via email in lieu of post, please contact the League President.

If the voting members in attendance pass the bylaws, they will take effect immediately and we will submit our 501(c)3 application as soon as possible.

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