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Pittsburgh/Plainfield rink wins Diamond City Bonspiel

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3rd/4th Event Finals

The Plainfield rink of Beverly Wiedemann, John Wiedemann, Brian Ewart, and Scott Alexander defeated the home team of Lyle Kerrick, Dave Cawley, Amy Casagrande, and Al Winter (via Nutmeg) in the Third Event Final to take Fifth Place at the Inaugural Diamond City Bonspiel.

In the Fourth Event Final (for Seventh Place), the home Anthracite side of Joshua Sophy, Kurt Maas, Kimm Montone, and Dana Griesback defeated Villanova Curling’s Miggy Gutierrez, Shawn Plesnick, Margaret O’Leary, and Bill Solomito.

First Event Playoff: Whitby, Pittsburgh to meet in Finals

The teams from Whitby and Pittsburgh continued their unblemished march to the First Event Final Sunday with strong performances in the Playoff Saturday evening. Continue reading

Third Event Playoff: Plainfield (B), Anthracite (B) win

Plainfield (B) defeated Anthracite (A) to advance to the Third Event Final where it will meet Anthracite (B), which defeated Villanova Curling in the other Semifinal match. Continue reading

Pool B, Round 3: Rochester’s tie-break earns second place

The final round of the Pool B play provided another level of excitement on the ice Saturday evening. Thanks to wins by the home team Anthracite over Plainfield, and Pittsburgh’s win over Rochester, Pittsburgh clinched the Pool’s top position but left three teams with 1-win, 2-loss records.

In a tie-breaker Draw to Button, Rochester Skip Josh Ozarowski guided the best stone and took second place. Anthracite won the head-to-head with Plainfield to take third in the Pool.

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