Club Championship: Tie-breaker Draw-to-the-Button

Prior to the Club Championship Playoffs, there was a bit of table setting to do as the top three teams in the Round Robin were in a virtual deadlock.

Team Kerrick, Happy Hour (Perrino), and Cracked Ice (Karampilas) each drew a single shot and only Lyle Kerrick’s shot reached the house on the fresh ice, landing on the back 8-foot line. Eddie Perrino and Ted Karampilas each came up short, meaning Team Kerrick secured the No. 1 seed.

Still tied, the head-to-head result determined the #2 seed, going to Happy Hour.

Prior to the draw, Skips drew numbers to determine the shooting order.

RESULT: Kerrick (1st), Perrino (2nd), Karampilas (3rd).

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